“About Saeid”


My name is Saeid Ahmadi Karyani. I am 32 years old and was born in Kermanshah City, Iran. I have a large family including my parents and seven siblings.

I began to train in karate at age 7, alongside working and studying.

At an early age, I won several National Karate Championships medals, and in 2010 became a member of Iran’s National Karate Team.

I’ve participated in multiple World Karate Championships in the years 2012, 2015, and 2016 and earned two gold medals and one silver medal. I am also an Olympic Combat Games Gold Medalist, (Russia 2013) and a Gold World University Champion.

I have four medals from Asian Karate Championships. I have a Bronze medal from the Asian Karate Club, A Silver medal from the Islamic Games in 2013, and five medals from the Karate1 Premier Leagues. With that, I also hold more than 20 medals from other various International Tournaments.

In addition to my athletic career, I have a Masters Degree in Economics that I earned while simultaneously training for competitions.

In 2017, I decided to immigrate to the United States. I am currently living in the state of Virginia. With this being my new home, I have based my new career goals on training myself, but also teaching karate and fitness to others.

Currently I am teaching at the Dojo in person AND virtually. I am also holding International Seminars which you will see on my site. Besides all of that, I am a Personal Trainer at the Sports & Health Club, so come train with me!


World Karate Championships

?2016 Linz       Team

?2014 Bremen  Team

?2012   Paris    67kg



Asian Karate Championships

?2015 Japan   67kg

  ?2015 Japan  Team

?2013 UAE     67kg

?2012 Ozbekiston  Team



Karate1 Primier league championships

?2017 Germany    67kg

?2016 France        67kg

?2014 Turkey        67kg

?2012 Indoneseia  67kg

?2012 Turkey    67kg


?2013 Russia    67kg

?2014 Montenegro Team


?2013 Azerbaijan  Team

?2018 USA  75kg

?2019 USA  84kg